Annie-Laurie is an ASHI Certified Inspector (American Society of Home Inspectors). She is also the 2017-2019 President of NYSAHI (New York State Association of Home Inspectors), an Affiliate Member of GSAR (Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors), and the treasurer of the NYS Chapter of AARST (American Association of Radon Scientist and Technicians). She is also a NYS Licensed Wildlife Rehab Specialist. Since 2013 she has published 5 books.

Annie-Laurie Hunter founded Ardent Home Inspections in 2004. The company was licensed on January 1, 2006, the first day of Licensing by the State of New York. Ardent Home Inspections performs residential home inspections for people buying or selling a house in the Central New York Area.

Annie-Laurie Hunter started in the construction field early in life. Her family started designing and building a family home when she was 10 years old. She was a participant in the process from the design with Legos to the staining of the finish moldings. Her experience was broadened when her family moved from the brand new house to a 125-year-old house that needed renovation.

Although she had an interest in the building trades after high school, society was still having difficulty with women on job sites so Annie-Laurie went to college. After college she founded an After-School and weekend respite program for teenagers with disabilities and then went to New York City and worked for Common Ground, a not-for-profit organization with the purpose of ending homelessness. After a number of years as the Director of Leasing and Compliance (keep 1500 tenant in compliance with all city, state, and federal regulations including section 8 and Low Income housing tax credits) it was time to leave the city.

Why Syracuse? Annie-Laurie lived here as a child and Syracuse offers an affordable lifestyle and nice people.

Why a home inspector? Annie-Laurie is able to observe and analyze situations quickly, understand what is causing a problem and see a remedy, and most importantly, she is able to interact well with people in stressful situations. She was trained by the American Building and Training Corporation (ABITCO) and has additional training in furnaces and heating systems through OCM BOCES.